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Teaching & Learning Center: FAQ

Use this guide as a central hub to all the Professional Development tracks CPTC has to offer

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Professional Learning Tracks

Do I have to stay in the same track all year? 

Answer: While we ask that you stay in the same track, that does not confine you to only the courses that are offered in that track. We are hoping that staying in the same hub course of the track will help build a community of support.  

Is this required? 

Answer: Joining a track provides a clear pathway to accomplish your pedagogy goals. Faculty at CPTC have set a precedence and are encouraged to be life-long learners and reflective in their teaching practices.  

Why did the TLC create the four tracks? 

Answer: We created the four tracks to address faculty concerns of time and value. While creating the tracks, our focus is on the guiding principles of equity and inclusion, peer-to-peer observation, and communities of practice. (For more information, see the October Newsletter.) 

What's an estimated time commitment? 

Answer: These tracks will run from October to the end of May. Time commitment varies per track and is dependent on your professional development and learning needs. The TLC commits to providing at least 48 hours of pedagogy in each track, but the freedom rests with the faculty's needs and schedule.  

Can I use this toward tenure? 

Answer: Absolutely. We encourage you to do so.  

Have faculty voice been incorporated into the development of these tracks? 

Answer: This idea was formed in concert with faculty through the ATD (Achieving the Dream) cohort and has been presented at multiple faculty venues for critique and feedback. 

Am I expected to do work in these tracks during my break? 

Answer: Work is never expected during faculty breaks, but most were set up in a way that if it's convenient to work during your break, you are able to do so.  

Will there be face to face meetings? 

Answer: One of our priorities in the tracks is to build peer-to-peer support. We are hoping that organic meetings take place through the tracks. The hope is to have one face-to-face showcase and check-in meeting per quarter with a remote option always available.  

Is there on campus support for the tracks? 

 Answer: The TLC's primary responsibility is to support faculty. Faculty are our priority so when you need support, the TLC along with our partners in the peer support network will be there.  

 What is pedagogy? 

Answer: Educational jargon about method and practice of teaching 

Is there a stipend? 

Answer: The only funding available at this time is for Open Education Practices track.  

Would the tracks satisfy the requirement for adjunct leveling? 

Answer: Each track has components included that will satisfy the professional development requirements listed in the leveling process. This is a good conversation to have with your dean if you haven't yet shared with them your interest in leveling as adjunct faculty. 

Will I have to do prior approval forms for these training opportunities? 

Answer: Prior approval forms will be necessary. The TLC is committed to supporting each faculty by providing a template for each professional development opportunity in the track.  

How will this be tracked? 

Answer: Temporarily, we are still using the prior approval form that once filled out is sent to your dean for each professional development opportunity. Like last year, you will send a ticket to HR once the professional development is completed. (We are in the process of developing a PD tracking system to make it easier and more transparent for faculty.)