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Teaching & Learning Center: PDU Tracking

Use this guide as a central hub to all the Professional Development tracks CPTC has to offer

PDU Tracking Basics

Welcome to the CPTC TLC PDU Tracking Page!

Here you can find a step-by-step guide to make sure you get credit for your professional development work.

Step 1: If you are adjunct faculty looking to acquire senior status, tenure or continuous status-track looking to get your initial certification or tenure/continuous status looking to get an increment in pay, visit the Faculty PDU Tracking website. 

Request Faculty Prior Approval for Training

Step 2: Complete the prior approval form (Request Faculty Prior Approval for Training) on the Faculty PDU Tracking website. If you need any assistance filling this out, please email:

Prior Approval for Training

PLEASE NOTE: If PDU training is done through the CPTC Teaching & Learning Center, you do NOT need to request prior approval.

Step 3: Once you've completed the prior approval form, send it to your dean and cc your IPA for review and approval. They will notify you whether it's approved or denied.

Step 4: If your dean approves your request, attend the event or do the training and soak up all the new knowledge! Make sure to save any agendas, certificates, reflections, TA authorizations, etc.

Step 5After attending or doing the professional development, return to the Service - Faculty PDU Tracking website.

Step 6Click on the PDU Tracker button on the website.

PDU Tracker

Step 7Fill in all necessary information attach your PD packet (prior approvals, agendas, certificates, reflections, TA authorizations, etc.).

Step 8: If you would like to see how many hours you have, you can visit the Projects page on IT Ticketing & Self Help Website. Make sure only My Projects is checked.

Step 9: Once you click your name, click Plans, then click Professional Development Tacker 2023-2024 and then click the triangle in front of Training to see your hours.

Step 10: If there is an error with the numbers reflected on the tracker, you can file a discrepancy on the PDU Discrepancy page by clicking the Submit PDU Discrepancy button.