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Use this guide as a central hub to all the Professional Development tracks CPTC has to offer

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Center where we support teaching excellence, collective learning, and collaboration. 

Our Services

Instructional Design: 

  • Course review with WA checklist 

  • Accessibility and UDL 

  • Student engagement 

  • Assessment and feedback 

  • Transparent design 

  • Consult for course and activity design and revision 

  • Recommend innovative methods for teaching and learning 


  • Over the phone

  • Over Zoom

  • In-person in the Teaching and Learning Center (15-107)

  • In-person in your office or classroom

Teaching and Learning Center / eLearning Staff

Kristin Copeland
Director of Teaching and Learning
phone: 253-589-6086
Geoff Cain
Curriculum and Instructional Design Specialist
phone: 253-589-5538
Ronald Lethcoe
Curriculum and Instructional Design Specialist
phone: [coming soon]
Brady Hageman
Learning Management System Specialist
phone: 253-589-4534
Carrie Foster
Instructional Program Assistant
phone: 253-583-8830

Our Services

Curriculum Development:

  • Syllabus alignment with EDI and student-centered practices

  • Lesson plans 

  • OER support 

  • Outcome and assessment 

  • Course outlines 

  • Course mapping 

Professional Learning:

  • (Internal) professional learning courses enrollment 

  • Assist faculty in identifying professional learning opportunities 

  • Peer support network 

  • Assist with faculty presentations 

  • Outcome and assessment day strategies 

eLearning Support

eLearning assistance is available during the Summer Quarter from 7:30am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday.  Visit us in the Learning Resource Center (Bdlg 15), or contact us via the information below.

Faculty and Staff

  • For assistance with eLearning technical support, contact Brady Hageman at or 253-589-4534.

  • For assistance with eLearning course design or or curricular development:

If you wish to make an appointment for a particular service, please use our Bookings calendar to schedule a time that works for you.

TLC Calendar

WebAim Accessibility Conference
August 29–30
9am–1:10 pm US PDT
with a one-hour break at 10:10am
Online (virtual)

The second annual Web Accessibility in Mind Conference is presented by WebAIM in partnership with Pope Tech. This virtual conference will provide conference participants with content that will help them mature their practice in digital accessibility.

Our goals include:

  • Provide a diverse range of perspectives from a diverse group of speakers.
  • Share solutions to accessibility challenges.
  • Give advice and guidance that helps our participants to actively contribute to providing more accessible digital spaces.
  • Bring together a cross section of public and private sector technology professionals from organizations large and small.


Canvas 101: Introduction to Canvas
Open Enrollment at SBCTC

This 3-week, asynchronous, online course is designed for faculty and staff who have never used the Canvas
learning management system or who are just getting started using Canvas. Participants will be introduced
to the basic instructional features in Canvas such as Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, Content Pages,
Modules, Gradebook, and much more. The time commitment for this course is approximately 20 hours
but individual time contributions will vary depending on participant familiarity with learning management
systems and degree of computer savvy.

To learn more, preview the lessons from Canvas 101.
Please see the professional development calendar for upcoming training dates.
For more information, contact: Alissa Sells,

Accessibility Micro-Courses
Open Enrollment via Canvas

SBCTC offers a variety of accessibility-related micro courses. Each course is approximately 3 hours in
length and focuses on particular skills and/or content creation programs. Current micro-courses include: Understanding Accessibility, Accessible Design Concepts, Universal Design, Accessible Word Documents, Accessible PPT, Email Accessibility, Accessible PDFs, Canvas Accessibility. Participants are awarded with digital badges upon completion of each micro-course. Participants who complete five micro-courses (15 hours) will also receive a certificate from SBCTC.
Registering in the accessibility micro-courses will give participants ongoing access to the courses. There are
no course start/stop dates. Users can remove themselves from the Canvas course at any point.
To preview the lessons please visit SBCTC’s Library of Accessibility Resources.
Register for class

CPTC Faculty OER Institute

August 11-12

We are excited to announce our upcoming virtual faculty institute, focused on Open Educational Resources (OER). This no-cost event features keynote presentations from internationally recognized professionals, as well as breakout sessions on a range of topics, including finding OER, accessibility in OER, open licenses, prof/tech OER opportunities and challenges, and a panel discussion on OER and librarians. The event will be held virtually via Zoom and all sessions will be recorded for later viewing.

Authentic Storytelling in the Age of AI

July 12th, 1P-2P via Zoom

Humans are wired for story. In fact, our need for storytelling is fundamental to the human experience. Stories help us learn, solve problems, impart traditions, preserve culture and assimilate, and, most importantly, connect with other humans. Technology brings storytelling to an entirely new level by allowing us to create immersive experiences that captivate and inspire. Artificial intelligence tools push those boundaries even further by accelerating our content generation without compromising authenticity. Or do they? Join us as we evaluate the role of AI tools in authentic storytelling.

Badge Summit 2023

July 24th, All Day via Zoom

How do we make digital credentials that employers will actually pay attention to, and one they know they can trust? What skills do employers need to see, and how can digital credentials improve the hiring process for everyone involved? We’ll share insights, ideas and ongoing challenges to advance the shared understanding of what creates quality and trust in microcredentials for skills-based hiring and upskilling.

2023 Equity and Excellence Conference

July 17th-July 21st, Portland, Oregon

AHEAD is excited to announce its 46th annual conference, Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education, as an in-person professional development and networking event. Presenters and participants from diverse fields, including education, technology, law, scholarship, and government, will gather in Portland in July, and we hope to see you there!


July 18th-20th, via Zoom

Are you prepared for "the new normal" in L&D? If it hasn’t happened already, learning professionals are expected to output more and produce better results with LESS. Between Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), video coaching, games, and other high-impact learning modalities, organizations need innovative ways to scale affordably. Do you have a plan? Join ELB Learning’s annual virtual conference to see how industry experts conquer these modern challenges in fun, lively sessions over three days.

How Mental Health Can Help Student Success

July 26th, 2P-3P via Zoom

Join us for a live and interactive webcast that examines the crucial link between mental health and student success, with Student Success Editor Melissa Ezarik and Student Voice Editor Colleen Flaherty.

The speakers will offer comprehensive analysis on gaps in student care and its impact on academic performance, persistence and health outcomes, as well as best practices for navigating mental health issues in an evidence-based and effective manner.

AI x Education Conference

8/5-8/6, 10A-4P via Zoom

Our conference, scheduled for August 5th and 6th, will delve into topics such as AI's potential and constraints in education, its evolving influence on pedagogical techniques, ethical considerations, and more, with a special emphasis on amplifying the voices of those immediately affected by these transformations—the students. Moreover, the conference is designed to be highly interactive and practical, featuring demonstrations by pioneering educators who will showcase how they are effectively integrating AI in educational settings.