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Simon Says: Educate!

Simon Says: Educate!

Welcome to Simon Says Educate, the podcast where we explore the latest trends and best practices in teaching and learning. Join us each week as we interview faculty members and students, and dive deep into the issues that matter most to our community.

Hosted by the Teaching and Learning Center at Clover Park Technical College, the podcast offers a fresh and engaging perspective on all aspects of education, from the latest teaching strategies and classroom technologies, to the challenges and opportunities of online learning, and the impact of education on students' lives and careers.

With Simon as your guide, you'll get an inside look at the people and programs that make CPTC one of the most dynamic and innovative technical colleges in the region. So sit back, relax, and tune in to Simon Says Educate.

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Episode #38

Student Success and Retention w/ Dr. Irene Hauzinger

In Episode #38 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe from the Teaching and Learning Center at CPTC continues the CARES series by discussing student retention and completion. Joined by Dr. Irene Hausinger, the Director of Advising and Counseling, they explore retention challenges, strategies, and the importance of building strong relationships with students. Irene shares successful retention initiatives, such as the intrusive counseling model and using EAB Navigate for proactive student support. The episode emphasizes the need for holistic support to ensure student success and retention.


Episode #35

Universal Design for Learning w/ Simon Robot

In Episode #35 of Simon Says: Educate!, Geoff Cain interviews Simon Robot, powered by ChatGPT, to discuss Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and AI's role in education. Simon explains UDL's principles of providing multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression for all students. He highlights how AI can enhance accessibility through tools like captioning, transcription, and personalized learning platforms. The discussion addresses practical tips for faculty, common misconceptions about UDL, and AI tool recommendations.



Episode #32

EDI Book Club w/ Thomas Oliver

In Episode #32 of Simon Says: Educate!, Ronald and Thomas delve into the importance of using controversial literature to foster empathy, understanding, and inclusion on campus. They explore the power of storytelling in helping us connect with experiences different from our own, highlighting how a book can spark meaningful conversations around sensitive topics like race, identity, and sexuality. The episode emphasizes the importance of creating safe spaces for dialogue, where participants feel comfortable sharing their perspectives without fear of judgment. Ronald and Thomas discuss their efforts to form an EDI book club, underscoring the significance of personal interaction in promoting equity and inclusion. They believe that by coming together to discuss challenging topics, faculty and staff can develop a deeper understanding of their students' experiences and backgrounds, ultimately fostering a more inclusive learning environment.

Episode #29

Generative AI w/ Meagan Sanders

In Episode #29 of Simon Says: Educate!, Geoff Cain interviews Dr. Meagan Sanders about the significant role of instructional design at the Alamo Colleges District, highlighting its importance in faculty support and student success. They discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education, including the rapid pace of technological advancements and the necessity of developing AI policies within colleges. The conversation emphasizes the ethical deployment of AI tools to enhance educational accessibility and inclusivity, acknowledging the stress associated with staying current with these advancements. Moreover, they explore the potential of AI to personalize learning experiences and streamline administrative processes, reflecting on how these technologies are reshaping education.


Episode #26

Instructional Design w/Sarah Mickel

In Episode #26 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Geoff Cain interviews Sara Mickel from Peninsula College about the intersection of education and technology. Mickel discusses her accidental journey into instructional design and her current role as eLearning administrator. She emphasizes the importance of equity in teaching and learning, highlighting initiatives like the Four Connections for student engagement and the promotion of open educational resources. Mickel also explores the impact and potential of AI in the classroom, including innovative tools like math GPT and their integration into learning management systems like Canvas. The episode reflects a forward-thinking perspective on educational technology and its role in shaping modern learning environments.

Episode #23

AI Series - Educational Innovation w/Brett Christie from Alchemy

In Episode 23 of Simon Says: Educate!, Geoff Cain talks with Brett Christie, Ph.D., VP of Educational Innovation & Inclusivity at Alchemy, about AI's role in education. Christie, an expert in educational innovation, delves into AI's integration in learning environments. He highlights AI's capacity to personalize and refine teaching methods, its ability to boost student engagement, and its potential to alleviate faculty burnout. The episode sheds light on both the challenges and prospects AI introduces in the educational sector, emphasizing the necessity for teaching strategies that are both adaptive and inclusive, keeping pace with technological progress. 

Episode #20

AI Series - AI Conference Interview w/ Diane Follett

In Episode #20 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe and Diane Follett explore AI's role in education following the 2023 Creative Commons Global Summit. Diane shares insights on AI's potential to enhance teaching efficiency and creativity at Clover Park Technical College. The episode touches on ethical AI training, its impact on indigenous languages, and the balance between AI assistance and human intellect. Listeners are encouraged to experiment with AI to invigorate educational content and engagement, highlighting the college's commitment to innovative, human-centered learning.


Episode #17

Ungrading (part 1 of 2) w/Eric Stokes and Dionna Faherty

In Episode #17, Part 1 of a two-part episode on "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe, Eric Stokes, and Dionna Faherty take a deep dive into the transformative concept of "ungrading" in education. Ronald, a curriculum specialist, moderates the discussion with Eric, a chemistry professor, and Dionna, an English academic lead, both hailing from Clover Park Technical College. Listen as they explore how ungrading shifts the focus from numerical scores to authentic learning, creating a more inclusive and stress-free educational environment. Eric shares his tailored approach to ungrading in the STEM field, while Dionna recounts her journey from skepticism to advocacy. Despite the challenges, all three educators emphasize the overwhelmingly positive impact on student engagement and mental well-being. Stay tuned for Part 2, and join the conversation on the future of grading, the importance of setting clear expectations, and the flexibility that ungrading offers to both educators and students.


Episode #14

Inclusive Syllabi w/Diane Follett

In episode #14 of "Simon Says: Educate!", join Ronald and special guest Diane Follett as they navigate the world of inclusive syllabi in education. Dive into Diane's personal journey from studying Russian to her passion for teaching English as a Second Language. Uncover the significance of creating a welcoming syllabus that fosters a sense of belonging and community within the classroom. Join them as they shed light on the transformative power of inclusive education and the importance of personal connections in the learning process.


Episode #11

2023 OER Faculty Institute Sneak Peek w/Charity Davenport

In this episode of Simon Says: Educate!, Geoff welcomes Charity Davenport, an Instructional Technology Specialist from Pellissippi State Community College. Charity shares her journey from being an ESL instructor to becoming an Instructional Designer. She explains her dissatisfaction with traditional textbooks, leading her to create her own OER textbook, and the challenges she faced during the process. The discussion revolves around the importance of accessibility in OER and how it benefits all students. Charity emphasizes the need to create a culture of accessibility and flexibility in educational resources. Her presentation at the upcoming OER Faculty Institute will delve deeper into her experience and offer practical insights for faculty looking to embrace OER in their teaching. 






Episode #8

OER Implementation w/Dion Alexander

In the eighth episode of "Simon Says: Educate", we interview Dion Alexander from the mathematics department at Clover Park Technical College about his experiences with open education resources (OER). Alexander discusses his journey from being a student to an educator at the college and highlights his decision to adopt OER in his courses. Citing affordability and accessibility, he discusses how he effectively integrated OER in three courses and is now working on his stats class. Alexander strongly advocates for OER adoption and advises other educators to transition gradually, keeping the process manageable and beneficial for students.









Episode #5

2023 CPTC Faculty In-Service Reflections

In episode 5 of "Simon Says Educate," we discussed the faculty in-service event at Clover Park Technical College. We reflected on the unique and engaging nature of the in-service. Faculty members were invited to present on topics they were passionate about, sharing their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues. The presentations covered a wide range of subjects, from playing the drums to container gardening and even hand massages. What made this event even more meaningful was the emphasis on connecting these presentations to teaching practices learned through professional development. We were impressed by the sense of community and collaboration among the faculty. It was refreshing to see both full-time and adjunct faculty actively participating and building connections. This inclusivity fostered a supportive environment where everyone's expertise and passions were valued. The event also provided an opportunity for cross-divisional and cross-program faculty to interact, which is rare due to the spread-out nature of our campus. Looking ahead, we aim to improve the event by allowing more time for reflection and discussion on incorporating the showcased teaching practices into individual classrooms. We recognize the importance of these conversations and the value they bring to our teaching community. Overall, the in-service was a great success, with highlights including meaningful discussions, exploring the beautiful campus, and enjoying a delicious lunch together. We are excited about the future of this event and the continued growth of our teaching and learning community at Clover Park Technical College. Simon Says: Check it out!

Episode #2

Professional Development

In this episode of Simon Says Educate, we delve into the importance of professional development for faculty members and its impact on enhancing student learning experiences. We discuss various challenges faced during our pilot professional development program and our plans for refining the program in the upcoming year. We emphasize the critical role of passion in teaching and the support provided by the Teaching and Learning Center to our faculty. Furthermore, we explore the concept of badges as a means of acknowledging faculty achievements in professional development, motivating them to continue their growth and learning. We highlight the potential of the Teaching and Learning Center as a haven for experimenting with innovative teaching methods, cultivating a sense of camaraderie among faculty, and exchanging effective strategies across different disciplines.

Episode #37

Global Accessibility Day (part 2) w/ Dr. Austin Donovan

In Episode #37 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Global Accessibility Day Part 2, Austin Donovan continues discussing UDL and accessibility in education. She emphasizes the need for clear, consistent communication across various platforms and proposes incorporating multiple formats for instructions to enhance accessibility. Austin shares strategies for structuring courses and creating inclusive learning environments that allow for student expressiveness and individualization. She also highlights the benefits of using digital tools, like the Canvas accessibility checker, to ensure content is accessible to all learners.


Episode #34

A Student's Perspective on Care in the Classroom w/ Lydia

In Episode #34 of Simon Says: Educate!, Ronald explores the student perspective on Clover Park Technical College's community of care. Student Lydia Foster highlights the importance of personalized learning, supportive instructors, and career guidance. They discuss strategies like student introductions, recorded lectures, and smaller class sizes to foster better relationships. The episode also touches on the need to address instructor workload challenges to ensure they can provide individualized student support. Remember to subscribe to Simon Says: Educate! on your favorite podcast platform for more insightful discussions on teaching and learning!

Episode #31

TLC Cares

In episode #31 of Simon Says: Educate!, the TLC Team introduces the CARES acronym, outlining the Clover Park Technical College Teaching and Learning Center's goals for Community of Care, Access, Retention and Completion, Employment, and Sustainability. The episode features discussions on strategies like building relationships, removing barriers to education, supporting diverse learners, and industry collaboration.







Episode #28

The Future of EdTech w/ Kevin Storm Jorgensen

In Episode #28 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe has an engaging reunion with Kevin Storm Jorgensen, his former classmate from the Learning Design and Technology master's program at San Diego State University. They delve into the transformative impact of AI in education, discussing the development of personalized AI "assistants" and the application of GPTs for enriching course content and student interactions. Jorgensen, who has carved a niche as a senior lecturer and curriculum designer, shares his insights on how AI reshapes traditional educational assignments and testing, emphasizing the innovative use of course-specific GPTs to field student inquiries and clarify class policies. This conversation sheds light on the dynamic state of AI in the education sector, underscoring the blend of excitement and skepticism among educators and students alike regarding the rapid technological advancements and their implications for teaching and learning strategies.

Episode #25

Lilly Conference w/Dion Alexander

In Episode #25 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe interviews Dion Alexander, a math instructor at Clover Park Technical College, about his innovative approach to education presented at the Lilly conference. The episode delves into directed self-placement (DSP) and co-requisite support, examining their effects on enhancing student success and engagement. Alexander provides insights into crafting effective DSP questions and discusses various cutting-edge teaching methods, including the application of AI and enhanced accessibility in education. This insightful conversation underscores the importance and intricacies of implementing such transformative educational strategies, offering valuable perspectives for educators.

Episode #22

AI Series - AI in Education w/Dionna Faherty

In Episode 22 of Simon Says: Educate!, English teacher Dionna Faherty from Clover Park Technical College discusses integrating Generative AI into English 101. She innovatively uses AI for various stages of essay writing, including brainstorming and thesis development. Dionna emphasizes teaching students to critically evaluate AI-generated content, recognizing its biases and limits. This approach, reminiscent of the early days of online teaching, aims to bolster critical thinking skills instead of hampering them. The episode also highlights AI's role as a learning tool and its transformative potential in teaching methodologies and student engagement.

Episode #19

Fall 2023 Faculty In-Service Day

In Episode #19 of "Simon Says: Educate!", the central discussion revolves around the Fall 2023 Faculty In-Service hosted by CPTC's Teaching and Learning Center. The focus is squarely on planning, execution, and future actions. Emphasis is placed on offering a variety of training modules in areas such as AI literacy and classroom management. The AI initiative is particularly notable for its dedicated summer institute and conference attendance. Feedback is actively sought and valued, informing not just the present but also future professional development agendas. Overall, the podcast encapsulates the TLC’s ongoing journey toward comprehensive faculty development, driven by a feedback-oriented ethos.

Episode #16 w/ Jessica Fuller

In episode #16 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Jessica Fuller and Geoff Cain come together to discuss the groundbreaking potential of the "Hypothesis" tool in the realm of digital education. Dive into their conversation as they explore how this social annotation tool can redefine student engagement, active reading, and collaborative learning. Understand the nuances of how "Hypothesis" bridges the gap between solitary reading and a shared, interactive experience, allowing students to annotate, question, and discuss digital texts in real-time. While they touch upon the challenges of integrating such a tool within traditional learning management systems, they also emphasize its seamless compatibility with platforms like Canvas. Listen as they shed light on the importance of fostering a digital dialogue among students, promoting academic conversations, and enhancing comprehension through collective annotations. Join Jessica and Geoff as they highlight the significance of digital literacy, the transformative power of social annotation, and the future of interactive learning in the digital age.

Episode #13

Observations with Tiffany Smith

In episode #13 of "Simon Says: Educate!", join the conversation with Tiffany Smith as they delve into the intricacies of the observation process in professional development. Discover the importance of mentorship, community building, and ensuring teacher agency. Learn about the concept of "teaching circles" and how it fosters a supportive environment for educators. Dive deep into the challenges and rewards of observations and the significance of building trust and clear communication in the process. Join them as they explore the journey of continuous improvement in education.

Episode #10

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion w/Jovan McCoy

In the latest episode of "Simon Says: Educate," we continue our exploration into the comprehensive Base Camp Program at Clover Park Technical College. Our hosts engage in a vibrant dialogue with Jovan McCoy, discussing their experiences at various equity-centered conferences, and how they've inspired new initiatives back at the college. The conversation then delves into the significance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and how it's interwoven into the very fabric of the Base Camp Program. This episode showcases the power of a collective voice within a learning institution, likening it to a harmonious symphony where each unique instrument plays a crucial part. The focus is on developing a culture of inclusivity that empowers and values every member of the academic community. Our hosts and guest also touch on the exciting launch of the DEI module and the immense potential it holds for creating an inclusive learning environment. Upcoming initiatives, such as the summer series on race titled "Doing Race and Undoing Racism," and the much-anticipated Courageous Conversations, are also highlighted. These initiatives represent the ongoing commitment to challenge and tackle systemic issues while fostering a sense of belonging and shared understanding.

Episode #7

Open Education Resources w/Jennifer Snoek-Brown

In this episode of Simon Says: Educate!, we have Geoff Cain from Clover Park Technical College and Jennifer Snoek-Brown, the OER Librarian at Tacoma Community College. Jennifer explains that OER refers to freely available and openly licensed resources for educational purposes. We discuss the advantages of OER, including cost savings for students and the creative freedom it offers faculty. Challenges in finding relevant OER and the need for support and compensation for faculty in creating and adapting OER are also highlighted. We mention the upcoming Open Education Resources Faculty Institute at Clover Park Technical College as a valuable professional development opportunity.








Episode #4

Accessibility w/ Brady Hageman

In this episode of Simon Says Educate, we invited Brady Hageman, the LMS administrator for the college, to share insights on enhancing the accessibility of online courses through platforms like Canvas. The primary issue tackled during this conversation revolves around the common challenges students face when logging into Canvas. Brady suggests proactive solutions such as logging into their email first to help alleviate the problem of password expiry. We discussed the implications on students and the need to simplify processes for a seamless user experience. Shortening login credentials and promoting the use of copy-paste were among the highlighted strategies. Furthermore, we stress the importance of harnessing existing resources like the accessibility report, as well as learning from fellow educators who've mastered the art of creating compelling and user-friendly Canvas courses.









Episode #1

Introduction to the Podcast Hosts and the Podcast!

The first episode of Simon Says: Educate!; a podcast exploring the world of teaching and learning at Clover Park Technical College. In this episode, our hosts discuss their backgrounds, interests, and motivations for creating the podcast. They share their thoughts on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in education, including social media, blogs, and podcasts. Additionally, they discuss their excitement for exploring topics such as gamification, open pedagogy, and the future of higher education. Finally, they share valuable resources for educators and students alike. Join the conversation and gain valuable insights to inspire your own educational journey.




Episode #36

Global Accessibility Day (part 1 of 2) w/ Austin Donovan

In Episode #36 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Part 1, Austin Donovan discusses the importance of accessibility and UDL in education. She highlights creating equitable, flexible learning environments and ensuring all students, especially those with learning differences, have access to necessary resources. Austin emphasizes clear communication, individualized instruction, and using tools like the Canvas accessibility checker. She also shares insights on supporting educators to implement UDL practices effectively. Part 2 will delve deeper into practical strategies and tools for enhancing accessibility and fostering inclusive learning.

Episode #33

Classroom Community w/ Jasmine Gutierrez

In Episode #33 of Simon Says: Educate!, Ronald and Jazmin discuss strategies for teaching ESL and fostering a sense of belonging for diverse learners. Jazmin emphasizes cultural sensitivity, community-building activities (including games!), and collaboration with external resources to support student needs. They explore overcoming tech challenges and adapting teaching methods to cater to different learning styles, stressing the importance of knowing your students. The episode highlights the value of empathy, flexibility, and building a welcoming classroom community for a positive learning experience. Remember to subscribe to Simon Says: Educate! on your favorite podcast platform for more insightful discussions on teaching and learning!

Episode #30

Curriculum & Instructional Design w/ Austin & James

In Episode #30 of of Simon Says: Educate!, Ronald introduces James and Austin, new members of the curriculum and instructional design team, who share insights on the transition to online education and designing for neurodiverse learners, while also discussing strategies to optimize online learning experiences, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and adapting instructional methods to meet diverse student needs. Subsequently, Ronald, James, and Austin delve into the application of instructional design principles, such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and discuss the potential of AI in revolutionizing education, envisioning a future where personalized learning and critical thinking take center stage, concluding with all participants expressing their enthusiasm for future collaboration and innovation in education. Remember to subscribe to Simon Says: Educate! on your favorite podcast platform for more insightful discussions on teaching and learning!

Episode #27

Professional Development Path Update

In Episode #27 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe, Kristin Copeland, and Geoffrey Cain engage in a comprehensive discussion about realigning their professional development track to better support faculty, incorporating gamified modules for more engaging learning experiences. They reflect on the effectiveness of book clubs, stress the importance of clear communication and transparency in implementing changes, and explore the potential of generative AI for faculty training and development. The episode concludes with announcements of new course openings and an invitation for attendees to participate in weekly meetings focused on AI policy development and professional development opportunities, while also emphasizing the institution's commitment to educating tomorrow's workforce in the evolving landscape of AI and technology.


Episode #24

Caring Conversations w/ Jovan McCoy

In Episode 24 of Simon Says: Educate!, Ronald Lethcoe has a meaningful conversation with Jovan McCoy from the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Clover Park Technical College. They focus on 'Caring Conversations', designed to create a nurturing and inclusive campus environment. The episode explores the complexities and methods of fostering inclusive communication within academic settings. It emphasizes the value of diverse viewpoints and the importance of engaging various people. Jovan and Ronald also discuss the vital role of faculty and staff in building a community, advocating for collaboration across different departments. The episode highlights the need for adapting to cultural changes and prioritizing the well-being of all community members.

Episode #21

AI Series - AI in Education w/Elena Guel

In Episode 21 of Simon Says: Educate!, we meet Elena Guel from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, who shares her instructional design journey. Initially skeptical of AI, Elena now sees its educational potential. She discusses AI tools' role in efficient lesson planning, while addressing faculty resistance and ethical considerations. The episode highlights change management in AI integration, stressing the need for flexibility and faculty support. Elena's story mirrors a trend where liberal arts show increasing interest in AI, contrasting with the cautious stance of science departments. The discussion also covers managing technological shifts and AI's future in education.

Episode #18

Ungrading (part 2 of 2) w/Dionna Faherty and Eric Stokes

In Episode #18, Ungrading Part 2 on "Simon Says: Educate!", host Ronald Lethcoe continues his chat with Eric Stokes and Dionna Faherty and delves deeper into the complexities and benefits of ungrading in education. Eric and Dionna share their hands-on experiences, debunking the myth that ungrading is a shortcut for teachers and highlighting its role in fostering genuine learning. They offer practical tips for educators interested in adopting this approach, emphasizing the importance of starting small and focusing on student agency.



Episode #15

Liquid Syllabus w/Alex Dejean

In episode #15 of "Simon Says: Educate!", Ronald Lethcoe and Alex Dejean come together to discuss the transformative potential of the "liquid syllabus" in modern education. Dive into the conversation as they shed light on how this digital tool can revolutionize student engagement, retention, and overall learning experience. Understand the stark differences between a traditional syllabus and its liquid counterpart, and how the latter offers a more personalized, accessible, and humanized approach to course content. While they address the challenges of adopting this innovative approach, from the steep learning curve to the time commitment, they also highlight the immense rewards. Listen as students become more proactive, feel a deeper connection, and invest wholeheartedly in their educational journey. Join Ronald and Alex as they emphasize the significance of digital literacy, the pivotal role of inclusivity in education, and the ongoing journey of refining teaching methodologies.



Episode #12

Observations Module

In this episode of "Simon Says: Educate!", the TLC team at Clover Park Technical College dives into the Observation module of Base Camp. They discuss the importance of shifting the culture around classroom observations, emphasizing peer-to-peer feedback and growth. Ronald shares insights on giving constructive feedback, while Kristin highlights the significance of post-observation conferences. The team also shares personal experiences and tools that have impacted their teaching practices. Join them as they explore the journey of continuous improvement in education.

Episode #9

Professional Development Base Camp Explanation

In our latest episode of "Simon Says: Educate" we invite you to join us on an exciting journey through the Base Camp Program at Clover Park Technical College. Our hosts delve into "week zero," the introductory phase where faculty members familiarize themselves with the course, understand the importance of land and labor acknowledgement, build partnerships, and engage in enlightening campfire chats. Following episodes are dedicated to deep dives into two-week long modules, each honing in on areas like Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), Observations, Syllabus Creation, and Professional Development Paths. Through this immersive, gamified journey, we’ll uncover how faculty members transform their teaching practices through engaging activities and reflective practices, all designed to foster collaboration and elevate education.





Episode #6

The Blueprint w/ Brady Hageman

Welcome back to Simon Says Educate! In this special episode, we delve into the Canvas Blueprint with Geoff Cain and Ronald Lethcoe from the TLC and guest Brady Hageman from E-learning. We explain the difference between templates and blueprints, guiding instructors on how to tailor their courses effectively. Brady, our Canvas expert, clarifies that blueprints act as roadmaps while templates are components within them. The blueprint offers diverse homepage templates accommodating different teaching styles, ensuring accessibility and mobile-friendliness. We stress the importance of faculty presence and student engagement in online learning. The blueprint introduces a "Week Zero" concept, where instructors can provide essential information before the course starts, facilitating student orientation. Geoff highlights the value of including instructor photos to humanize the learning experience and boost student engagement. We mention, an open-source AI tool resource for various projects. We recommend exploring it for innovative solutions. We also discuss the new internet search and plugin features in ChatGPT Plus, expanding its capabilities. Lastly, we emphasize the role of campus clubs in fostering community and student success. Brady shares his involvement in the gaming club and encourages faculty to promote club awareness to enhance student engagement and connections. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of Simon Says Educate!

Episode #3

Disability Services 

In Episode 3 of Simon Says Educate, we welcome Melissa Medina, the manager of Disability Services at Clover Park Technical College. Our focus in this episode revolves around accessibility awareness and how we can better assist students with disabilities in their learning journey. Melissa elaborates on the role of Disability Services, explaining that it's designed to overcome barriers faced by students with disabilities by providing appropriate accommodations to ensure accessible education for all. Melissa also brings her background in education to the table, discussing her experience working with a diverse range of students in the K-12 system. We delve into the responsibilities of faculty in providing timely accommodations and maintaining universal curriculum designs. Melissa further explains the concept of Universal Design for Learning, urging faculty to ensure their course materials are as accessible as possible to a broad population of students. Lastly, we discuss the services provided by the Teaching and Learning Center in helping faculty make learning materials accessible. We touch upon the options for professional development units for faculty who undergo the state boards accessibility training.