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Nursing: PubMed

This guide provides pointers for getting started with your research. It includes links to key library subscription resources, including article databases, journals, and books, as well as open web content.


PubMed, which encompasses MEDLINE, is the key biomedical literature database from the National Library of Medicine. It is an open access database. Use PubMed's limits and terms for the best searching results. 

Step 1

Enter keywords, the represent the concepts of your search topic. Be as specific as possible.

Step 2

Select needed limits. Include date and availability.

Step 3

Click search.

Step 4

Review your results. 

Additional tips:

 - Using the full text limit removes articles that may be essential in clinical queries.

 - Don't pay to view articles.

 - Removing limits broaden a search. Adding limits narrows a search.